Inside Life at Quidax: The Badass Community Manager Killing it Every Day

Isn’t it amazing how once a year, there’s a whole day dedicated to signing out of Slack, not picking your boss’ calls, no Zoom meetings or shouting “can everyone see my screen” one million times? I don’t know about you but we like to celebrate worker’s day in style. So today, we’re kicking off “inside life at Quidax”. This mini series will take you through the work lives of our very own humans of Quidax. Let’s gooooooooo!

Okay, so story time…

Back story: Gift is a talented community manager at Quidax who spends her days doing a whole bunch of interesting things that keep our community engaged. Sidenote: I can bet $200 that you don’t know anyone who creates powerpoint presentations as much or as well as Gift. No joke, it’s incredible! 

So we asked Gift a couple of questions and here’s how that went:

How would you describe your role at Quidax? 

Basically, I wake up daily as the mouth piece of Quidax in our community. I distribute content, listen a lot (because it’s the most important thing), engage with the fun people on Telegram and other places and basically make sure everyone’s happy and feeling valued. 

How did you land in Quidax?

Omo, my best friend o. Shalla to Martha Kingsmike. 

She found out about the opening, forwarded the link, and followed up to make sure I applied before it closed.

*God when will I also have a friend like Martha Kingsmike ?…

What part of Quidax work culture shocked you when you started?*

A whole lot of things! But especially “how freely I could move.”

The places I worked before Quidax featured my work passing through one Oga after another who most of the time were significantly older. So they would tweak to a respectful tone, and remove one phrase or the other until the idea was a shadow of itself. 

*At least they were not sending you to buy beans

Another thing that shocked me is how deeply chill Buchi is as a CEO. You’ll think he’s chill on Twitter until you meet office Buchi. It’s crazy because since when in the history of employment did people start looking forward to emails from their Bosses? 

Take an honest Quidaxian to the corner and ask them about WPP. They’ll testify

*I concur

How has working at Quidax changed your perception about crypto?

Permit me to itemize

*permission granted! Powerpoint habits in motion

1. Crypto is actually HARD WORK! 

Fam! You need to learn about it, understand basic concepts and terms, keep up with industry news, constantly research, cast every spirit of greed into the deep parts of the abyss, develop the spirit of patience, and sharpen your intuition. Everyday.

2. Crypto has come to stay and this warms my heart. The number of people embracing it on a daily basis is also deeply satisfying.

3. It is quite profitable…if you know what I mean *wink

*I don’t know what you mean oh. Show us the way pls

If you weren’t working in your current role, what would you be doing?

Easy. I’d be in a gym helping people fall in love with their bodies.

*osheyyyy* fitness guru ??‍♀️. The Gift that keeps on giving

How do you handle burnout?

A cute little vacation worketh more wonders than anything else I can think of. When I can’t afford a vacay sha, I workout, put good food into this body, and read a good book. 

*Vacation in this economy?.. Dem go talk say money no dey Lagos ?

Why do you think people should join Quidax?

*Clears throat.

Ahem, The people here are très cool

In terms of basic decency as humans and in knowing their jobs. How everybody is so good at their jobs is still a surprise; a very pleasant one.

Plus nobody is unnecessarily in your business (one of the perks of being a remote company I guess). But yeah, it’s the premiumness of the people. From the management to the teammates. Top tier individuals.

Having worked in toxic environments, I see working at Quidax as a blessing from God; one I do not take for granted.

Quidax Global 1 – 0 Toxic work places

The End…

See, working in the crypto space or dealing with crypto can seem complicated but it gets easier when you know the basics.

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