How to Do Crypto Research: A step-by-step Guide

The crypto market is very unpredictable 😮‍💨. Coin prices move faster than you can blink, and this means you have to really understand how to move on these streets.

To be a successful crypto trader, you need to know how to do crypto research and make informed decisions 🔎. Luckily for you, this article covers all you need to know as far as crypto research is concerned. These include the best market research methods, and the dos and don’ts of crypto research.

Use Market Aggregators 

Considering that there are thousands of coins out there, keeping track of them all can be a challenge. This is why market aggregators help out 👍. These platforms provide information about different coins, and you can use that for your research. 

Today, the most popular aggregator is Coinmarketcap. But, there are several other websites that provide information on crypto prices and data 📊. They show you the market prices in real time, and it lets you know the coins doing well and those that aren’t.

As you research, these aggregators will be a very important tool for you. Just make sure you find one that’s easy to use 🤌, so you don’t have to waste so much time getting the hang of it. 

Take a Free Course

Sometimes, it helps to go back to school 📚. Okay, maybe not actual school, but taking a crypto course 😉. Crypto courses give you a good foundation to begin your crypto journey. This way, when you do more research, you understand what you see. 

These days, crypto courses can range from $15 to thousands of dollars and are usually long 🥱. We understand that not everyone has that money or time to spend, so we created a free course at Quidax to help you 😀. You can complete it in 20 – 30 minutes and you’ll also get a certificate and an eBook with 50 ways to make money from crypto and 10 profitable strategies for trading crypto when you take the course 💰.  

Cool, right? Join 1000+ people who are crypto certified by taking our FREE Crypto Academy course today! 🚀


Read Crypto Blogs

There are hundreds of blogs and websites that give crypto market updates. You could check them to see what’s hot in the market. 

Crypto blogs are great because they also have social media accounts. In fact, a lot of crypto influencers use these blogs’ social media accounts when citing their sources 🤔. The biggest crypto blogs have active presences on social media, and you could easily follow them to get the hottest market scoops when they drop! ✅

Join a Crypto Community

The truth is, you can’t do life alone. Everyone needs a community 🫂 – and when it comes to crypto, you can take advantage of several communities available. 

From social media groups to communities on platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp, there are so many groups of people looking to help you out 🤗. For instance, the Quidax Telegram Community is a great place for crypto beginners looking to connect with other traders and crypto enthusiasts. You get instant updates, connect with like-minded cryptoheads, and even get the right information about a coin or project 😉.


When using communities, though, here are a few questions you might want to keep in mind:

  • Their lifespan: How long have they been active? 🤔 The longer they have existed, the more legit they would most likely be. 
  • Active members: You should also have an idea of how many active members are in the community – not just bots or paid accounts 🤖. Look at people who comment, respond to comments, and engage others. The more active members there are, the more legitimate they are.
  • Track their record: How accurate have their market predictions and analysis been in the past? 📈 Even if it’s a new group with few members, a positive track record and accurate predictions will show that a group is trustworthy. 
  • Moderation: Groups with dedicated admins, update schedules, and events mostly turn out to be legit 👍. When you can see frequent updates and activities, you know the group is alive. 

Use News Sites

News platforms are also a great source of information 🗞️. In learning how to do crypto research, you’ll get a ton of information while scrolling through them. 

  • The major difference between news sites and regular blogs is that they have more opinion pieces. 
  • While blogs give you the news and stop there, these news sites also tell you opinions on hot topics 🔥, and they share new insights that you might not have considered before. 

In other words, they are great at research and aren’t ashamed to show it. 

Final Thoughts

While learning how to do crypto research, the best way to make use of these tools is to use them combined. Pick information from these sources, and learn how to use them to your advantage. When you’re ready to begin your crypto journey, create an account on Quidax and kickstart your journey!


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