How do I stop people from adding me to Telegram groups & channels?

If you keep getting added to Telegram groups that you are not interested in, how do you stop this from happening?

If you join a large Telegram channel, chances are somebody is going to try to add you to other groups that they are trying to promote.

The interesting thing is some of these groups could be a scam, so to avoid getting added to such groups here’s what you can do;

  1. Open your Telegram app
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Privacy and Security
  4. Look for Groups & Channels under Privacy and tap on it
  5. Under ‘Who Can Add Me’ select my Contacts.

That’s it the only people that can now add you to groups are people that are in your phone contacts. With this, random people will no longer be able to add you to groups you are not interested in.




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