Hello, QDirect: Sweet and Direct, Always Correct! ✨

“Variety is the spice of life ?️,” said someone you may or may not know. But that’s not the gist…
The gist is we have made some updates to how our amazing Quidaxians can deposit and withdraw Naira ??.


QDirect on the Web, Formerly P2P 2.0 

P2P 2.0, which was only on the Quidax mobile app, is now QDirect. And, it’s now also available on the website. ?

What is QDirect?

QDirect makes it easy for you to deposit Naira to your Quidax account and to withdraw to your bank account in 15 minutes or less ⏳. With QDirect, you get automatically connected with a verified QDirect partner who will help you deposit or withdraw Naira ?.

Why QDirect?

As more ways to deposit and withdraw Naira are coming your way, it can be a lot to keep up with ?. So, we renamed it for you to easily choose your preferred option ?.

Thanks to customers like you for all the feedback ??, we’ve made updates and other improvements. Now, Naira deposits and withdrawals are sweet and direct! ?

P2P Classic

Classic like magic ?

We couldn’t just leave out P2P 1.0, which allows you to deposit and withdraw Naira through other Quidiaxians ??.

So, we have renamed it P2P Classic. It is available only on the Quidax website.

Yes, everybody gets a new name! Except ??. 

How to Deposit/Withdraw Naira with P2P Classic on Quidax 

You can deposit or withdraw naira using a Nigerian bank account with these steps:

  1. Click on ‘P2P’ at the top right of the menu bar and select ‘offer’.
  2. Click on ‘deposit’ or ‘withdraw’ and fill in the fields based on what you’ll like to do.
  3. Pick the trade that best suits you and proceed to deposit NGN/withdraw NGN.
  4. You have to be level 3 verified. And you might want to read the terms and conditions too ?.

Internal Transfers

You and your buddies can still send Naira to each other for FREE–yes! As long as they have a Quidax account, you’re good to go! ?‍♀️


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