Floki Inu Airdrop + QDX Vault on the Mobile App

How’s December going? There’s so much to do right now – watch movies? (we hear “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is all the rage right now ?️), attend shows (From Wizkid to Burna Boy, everywhere’s packed ?). Or maybe you just want to sit at home and relax ?. 

At Quidax, we’ve been thinking of how to make your Christmas memorable. Well, we finally found the perfect way – an airdrop ?. 

For 3 days (Saturday 25th December to Monday 27th December) we are going to be giving $10,000 in Floki Inu (FLOKI) to everyone who has QDX staked in their QDX Vault.


QDX Vault on the Mobile App

To make it easy for you to stake QDX, the QDX Vault is now on the mobile app. So now you don’t have an excuse for missing out on free airdrops.

How to Stake QDX

Staking via the mobile app (iOS and Android)

  • Log in to your Quidax Account
  • Then tap on Wallets and tap on Quidax Token
  • Tap on Vault and then tap on Stake
  • Enter the amount of QDX you want to stake and tap on “Stake to Vault”
  • That’s it you have staked QDX and are ready to get Floki Inu

Staking via the Quidax website

  • Log in to your Quidax Account and click on Quidax Token
  • Then click on Vault right beside Buy/Sell
  • Enter the amount of QDX you want to stake and click on “Stake QDX”

If you’d like a video reference, check out this sweet clip.


What’s the minimum amount I can stake to win Floki Inu?
You have to stake at least 500 QDX to get Floki Inu

Can I unstake (unlock) at any time and are there fees for unstaking?
Yes, you can unstake your QDX at any time and there are no fees when you want to unstake. The best part is that there is no minimum staking period.



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