FAQs for DropYourQuidax – QBAN Edition

We are giving away 1 million Naira to 200 people.
You and the person you refer will receive 5,000 Naira each.
You will need your Quidax username and friends, the more friends merrier.
Here are the steps;

  1. Follow Quidax on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook 
  2. Sign up on Quidax: www.quidax.com
  3. Get your friends to sign up and verify your account and their accounts to Level 2 to get your QBAN
  4. For Twitter: Tweet your Quidax username and those of your friends with #DropYourQuidax #QBAN by 5pm on Saturday 18th July.
    For Facebook/Instagram: Comment on the post that goes up by 5pm with your Quidax username and those of your friends.

Am I dropping my Quidax username or my QBAN?

Your Quidax username is all you need to tweet/comment.
There’s no, need to drop your Quidax Bank Account Number (QBAN), it won’t increase your chances of winning.

Do I need to use the hashtags?

Yes, you need to use both #DropYourQuidax and #QBAN to qualify.

Are there any tips that can help me win?

You know how to ask good questions, take  ??.
This is a secret, don’t tell anyone ?.

Sign up as many people as possible and ensure they do Level 2 BVN verification.

Then tweet/comment with your own username and the username of each of your friends in separate tweets/comments like this;
Tweet 1/Comment 1: Qpearl and Quzo #DropYourQuidax #QBAN
Tweet 2/Comment 1: Qpearl and Qplant #DropYourQuidax #QBAN

The hashtags #DropYourQuidax and #QBAN are also very important. Also, get the friends you referred to follow Quidax as well as tweet and comment to increase your chances of winning.

Does the person I refer need to do their Level 2 BVN verification?

Yes, you and your friends need to do your BVN Level 2 verification in order to win.

When do My friends need to have signed up?

Your friends need to have signed up between Monday, 13th July to Saturday 18th July.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can sign up?

You can sign up as many friends and family. There’s a trick up top that can help you win.

I will do all that is required, and will still not get picked, why? ?

It’s a random something. But we are always hoping ?? that you will win.
Also, there’s a chance that you didn’t win because you or your friend has not done Level 2 BVN verification to get your Quidax Bank Account Number (QBAN) so don’t blame village people.

How many friends do we need?

You can sign up as many friends as possible. There’s a trick above?? that could help you win ?. 

The friends and family I invited are having issues receiving OTP to their email?

Hmm, please ask them to check their email spam, sometimes our emails go to the weirdest of places. If it’s still not in your email spam, please tell us about it.



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