#CryptoNotCrime: What ‘EndSars’ Means to Us

Right under our noses, our country has become a scary place to live in. Japa is not an option but they won’t allow us to work in peace ?. So which way now?

SARS has continued to profile, harass, and exploit young Nigerians. Having the latest iPhone, your hands will be shaking. 

Dreadlocks? You could get locked up ?. 

Tattoo? It’s over for your bank account. 

Crypto? Ahn you are a criminal.

Even walking on the road and minding your business is now a death sentence.

For us, it’s that our team members, customers, and people in the crypto community have felt the touch of SARS in one way or the other.

What We’ve Done So Far

#EndSARS protests are happening all over the country. And here’s how we’re participating: 

We’ve put our money ? where our mouth is by donating ₦1 million to the protest so far. Half of that amount has gone to the Flutterwave fund.

The other half was donated through @SavvyRinu (Twitter), one of the protesters who has played a major role in the #EndSARS movement. 

These donations will go to supporting protesters and families of those who have lost a loved one in the hands of SARS.

During the week, members of the Quidax team will also be joining the protests.

How You Can Help

This problem affects us all and we need your participation. Here’s how you can help;

  • Donate to the Flutterwave fund or any of the other trusted organizations accepting donations for protesters.
  • Lend your voice, if not through a physical protest, but by speaking out on social media using #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #SARSMustGo

We usually love to look at everything from a playful angle. But not this time ?.

It breaks our hearts not just because our own team members have been victims, but because it affects you too. And see ehn, for this there’s no chilling on the sidelines ✊.


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