It’s Time!! Dogecoin is Now Listed on Quidax!!

Hold on to your seats everyone!! As part of our roadmap to add more cryptocurrencies to our collection for you to enjoy, we’ve dropped another banger ?. 

Based on popular demand, Dogecoin is now live on Quidax ??. You can now buy and sell DOGE with USDT! You will also be able to send and receive DOGE straight from your Quidax account.

As you know, Dogecoin was the underdog that started as a joke and hit a market valuation of over $41 billion. Its price made a statement and the world is listening so you know it’s time for us to get in on the action ??. Learn more about Dogecoin here.

How to Buy DOGE on Quidax

You can buy Dogecoin via the Quidax website or mobile app (Android/iOS) in the following easy steps:

How to buy Doge on the Quidax mobile app;

  • Sign in to your Quidax account on the app
  • Tap on Buy, then select Dogecoin
  • Enter the amount of USDT you want to spend
  • Then confirm your order

How to buy Doge on the Quidax website;

  • Sign in to your Quidax account on the Quidax website
  • Click on instant buy & sell, choose DOGE
  • Select the currency to buy with as USDT
  • Enter the amount of DOGE you want to buy 
  • BOOM!? You’re good to go!!



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