Do you want to join our Treasury Team?

We are looking for someone to jump onboard our Treasury Team as an associate. Let’s say we would prefer someone who is a fan of numbers and markets. Someone who has some experience making markets happen and gets excited about charts & candles (sidebar: these are very very special kind of people – not to be messed with).

The role is an experienced role so would need to have some prior experience in a Treasury team, preferably in a bank and the sweetest spot is within the forex division. Something else that would be very helpful for the role is if you’ve had some Asset and Liability Management Experience (ALM).
3-5 years of experience would be sufficient for the role as well as an ACI dealing Certificate. The ideal person would be excited to change assets/markets they trade (USD/JPY) to cryptocurrency, workplace culture from very very serious, to vibessss and also seeking a lot more control and ownership in their career.

We work primarily onsite at our office in Lagos (Lekki) from 9–5 every day, so you would have to be prepared to come to the office every day. And if you say oh, what about COVID, we are all working from home right now but we are firm believers in the human race and our ability to overcome this. So in a matter of time, we would be working from the office again seeing beautiful faces.

We always and strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds and identities to apply. With each new hire, we look to diversify, strengthen our team and be more purposeful about building our culture. On the other hand, we look to give you the opportunity to grow, do the most impactful work of your life tackling problems that matter while being happy doing it.

About the Job

On a daily basis what you are going to be doing would involve executing treasury functions and plans. Creating systems to ensure our Assets and Liabilities are properly managed. Also carrying out market-making functions on the exchange, helping to pull in liquidity from various partners to ensure that our customers are able to at every time to buy and sell the assets that they need to trade. This volume and our capacity is supposed to greatly increase over time.

Another part of the job would be treasury dealings with OTC partners. You would be a core part of defining how much risk we can take per time and also risk rating for various partners and the trading service level agreements for the partners to ensure that we don’t lose money when we are trading with partners or take risk beyond our threshold.

The core responsibility of the team is to first ensure that our assets and liabilities are in check and we are in a good financial position at every time. The second priority would be ensuring we are well on our way to become the most liquid exchange in Africa and customers can buy and sell all they need to at any point in time. Third would be managing liquidity partners and treasury relationships with OTCs and other exchanges.

Here’s an example of what your day to day at Quidax might look like:

  • Monitor industry-related and competitive channels for trending news and ideas.
  • Analyse our current financial position to understand how liquid we are
  • Think of how to run your outfits to do the books as outfits challenge
  • Update all our OTC partners with our buy and sell rates 
  • Think up ideas to extend our liquidity reach 
  • Recite humpty dumpty poem to cool off
  • Sign up for the intercompany Co-Ed football games 

It differs from day-to-day.

About you

We are a company of learners in a lot of ways. We don’t expect you to be perfect so we would prefer if you were hungry and willing to learn. We like humble people too.

We are looking for people who are driven, patient, empathetic and have an ear to what’s happening around the world with an eye for pop culture.

We are looking for the kind of person who would make a losing trade and instead of sulking about the trade they would take lessons and go on to the next trade with the lessons and mindset to get back in the green, 

We are very big on discipline as one of our core values, because we believe it is the soul of an army and it can make great things happen in the long run. So we have rules that have consequences attached to them and then we encourage everyone to govern themselves to do what is required and go over and beyond in service of our customers

We are big on openness and candour in the workplace, so if you see something that doesn’t make sense, it is your responsibility to say so. We are not afraid to disagree and argue about things so far we are doing it with the purpose of bringing out the best idea and not bringing people down.

We also like to have fun, we can look quite chilled, our interviews can be really great and funny experiences if you are not too wound up, we try to make you loosen up in the first couple of minutes and just have a conversation and not just give generic interviewy answers, we hate those. We are fans of alcohol and the parties (after work hours) so if your thing is shots, beer or both, you are in good company and we know a great catfish plug.

We are a cryptocurrency company, building to be the most influential crypto company in Africa, but it isn’t a crime to not know jack about cryptocurrency, every single person here learnt on the job and we are more than happy to teach.

About Quidax

We are a cryptocurrency exchange and we make it easy for individuals and businesses to buy and sell cryptocurrency using their local currency. We also enable fintechs to provide cryptocurrency-related services to their customers through our API thereby making it possible for your customers to buy, sell, send, receive or store crypto.

We are currently in Nigeria and we are building for Africa.

Our vision to create a world where sending money and value around the globe is as easy as sending a text message and we believe this future is going to be brought to you courtesy digital currencies.

Our core values are

  • Simplicity: as the sign of great understanding and empathy
  • People: investing in our people and making the work experience a remarkable one
  • Integrity: being true & honest; to ourselves and those counting on us
  • Customers: the reason we exist because customers exist so we love and respect them
  • Excellence: doing things in a first-class way, going above and beyond.
  • Discipline: leadership and doing what you say you would, no matter how we feel. 

About Pay and Benefits:

We pay very competitively in the Nigerian market for the matched experience and role. We also offer bonuses that match the finance industry in Nigeria. 

Our benefits include health insurance, 4 weeks PTO, free lunch, we have a book club, and also a front-row seat to the biggest thing in finance in the last 100 years. You also have a company that cares about you and your well being, wants to do everything to ensure that your life inside and outside work is the most satisfying it can be.

How to Apply

Please send an application tailored for the role that speaks to us. A lot of people send in bland generic applications and it is easy and very helpful to stand out especially when someone has been going through 100 applications, try to make your application the breath of fresh air. We appreciate great writing, take time to put your application together. 

We would most likely send you a test should you get through the application stage, please imagine you are already part of the team and walk us through your thinking about the problems we present. 

We would only get back to you after the deadline has passed, or maybe when the position has definitely been filled so that we can give room for last-minute additions or drop-off. 

We are excited and waiting to hear from you, please apply here.


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