Do Life With Us This Season

If you’re a true Nigerian, the early days of February must have been a rollercoaster ride for you. From the pain of not winning the Grammy to the joy of getting revenge on the football pitch earlier this week, it’s just a lot!

On top of that, Valentine’s Day is almost here and everyone is beaming with joy…except the single pringles, of course😭.

But that’s life anyway – a collection of memories and a channel to express all our emotions.

As your crypto buddy, we’ve decided to Do Life with you this season. Sounds fun, right😉?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be running a campaign tagged #DoLifeWithQuidax. Yes, we’ve been doing life together over the past five years, but we’re taking it a notch higher this time🚀.

Whether you are a lover boy or girl anticipating Valentine’s day, a football fan cheering on the Super Eagles at the ongoing continental tournament, or a woman championing inclusion in the crypto world, our goal is to show you the various ways Quidax can simplify your life.

The best part is that we have our goodybag full and will be giving out lots of cool stuff to our Quidaxians this period. Consider this our way of spreading love in this season🫶.

Join the Purple Gang

Connect with fellow Quidaxians on the Quidax Telegram Community to know what’s popping at Quidax from time to time. You really don’t want to miss out on the exciting stuff we are cooking for our Purple Gang members.

Also, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook then turn on post notifications to stay updated as we explore the various ways to #DoLifeWithQuidax.


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