Cryptocurrency Weekly News Roundup – 2nd June

There is always a new development in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space and as usual, last week delivered on the goods. Here are the top 5 news items that we have covered in this week’s cryptocurrency weekly news roundup.

  1. Blockchain takes on more Agriculture

It seems there’s no joking with Microsoft when it comes to Blockchain and AI. Microsoft has launched a collection of agricultural focused applications, which were registered in Brazil.

The applications blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), drones, artificial intelligence and big data.

2. Tour The World on Crypto? Maybe

Imagine travelling to your dream location with but your cryptocurrency wallet on your phone. And being able to pay for a hotel, eat at a corner restaurant and have fun. Wild imagination? Not so much.

Alex Hobern has raised the standard by becoming the first person to travel around the world on a 12-day trip, using only cryptocurrencies to buy tickets and pretty much anything that’d make his continued existence possible in that period of time. Although, does it really count as a trip around the world if it doesn’t include Africa and Oceania?

3. European Union Increases Access to Data

the EU has shown support for blockchain related projects by increasing the amount of data that can be reused as raw material for artificial intelligence and blockchain projects.

This action could boost the EU’s data economy, contribute to the development of a data-based society and stimulate growth.

4. Crypto and Barrels of Oil

How will you be paying for those barrels of oil, ma’am? With cryptocurrency.   

Igor Sechin, Head of Rosneft, a Russian oil company disclosed that it’s possible for barrels of oil to be paid for using crypto in the nearest future. He attributed this to increase cryptocurrency awareness.  And, major companies and industries have embraced the currency.

5. Globalcoin in June

It’s open information that plans have been on the way for Facebook to launch her own cryptocurrency – Globalcoin. There’s new information that Facebook would be launching the cryptocurrency pretty soon. According to  Laura McCracken, Facebook’s head of financial services and payment partnerships for Northern Europe, the white paper for the coin would be released on the 18th of June.


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