Cryptocurrency Weekly News Roundup – 24th June

Last week the possibility of sending money via WhatsApp moved from the realm of mere talk to a possibility with the release of Facebook’s cryptocurrency whitepaper. It seems the whitepaper release had a reactionary effect on Bitcoin, as BTC hit its highest price in a year.

To cap it off, Ripple is partnering with established money transfer service, MoneyGram, did someone say cryptocurrency would die?


Hello, Libra

The anticipated Libra white paper was released last week Tuesday. Even though Facebook has been secretive about a lot of things in the months leading up to this launch, the white paper unveils so much. 

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Libra project got up to $10 million in investments from the big companies it is backed by. 

This is some interesting news for the crypto space.


1 Million and Counting

With all the news about Libra this past week, Bitcoin is still making a name for itself. Last week, the number of daily active bitcoin addresses surpassed 1 million.

In addition to this, the price of 1 Bitcoin climbed from $8,600 to $11,200, its highest in a year.

Way to go BTC! More addresses to your blockchain?

Ripple Partners with MoneyGram

Ripple, the creators of XRP, invested $50 Million in prominent money transfer service, Moneygram. This investment has the makings of a game changer especially with regards to using cryptocurrency for remittance.

Read Satoshi’s New Books

Some reports say that Satoshi Nakamoto may still be working from his anonymity. Last week, 2 books supposedly authored by Satoshi appeared on Amazon.

From the author’s profile, he claims to be the real Satoshi. But, chances are that this may or may not be the real Nakamoto. The books,  Wave and Ripple Design Book and The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book are set to be released on June 28. 

Blockchain and Food

How would eating more healthy meals make you feel?

IOTA would be entering a new partnership to track potentially fatal food allergens with a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). With the new app, you’ll be able to discover information about the food you’re putting into your body by simply scanning a bar code.

Feels good that blockchain is all about health too. Right?




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