Cryptocurrency Weekly News Roundup – 16th June

The crypto space promises a future of endless possibilities. But, more than a future, it activates a now. If you are like us and are fascinated by the possibilities, you’d be fascinated by events from this past week.

Here’s is a list of top news from the past week.

Project Libra

Picture sending money to your favourite shoe store on Whatsapp for a pair of shoes you’d love delivered to your place in the next hour. How good does that sound?

Facebook is releasing the white paper for its digital currency on the 18th of June. The cryptocurrency is said to have strong backings from companies like Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Uber. It has also been reported to be stable coin backed by a pool of currencies, not just USD. It is expected that the cryptocurrency can be transferred through apps like Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp.

Anyone for Blockchain Hosted Games?

French gaming company, Ubisoft, is exploring looking into possible ways to expand her gaming enterprise via leveraging blockchain technology. It’s been revealed that they have identified one blockchain application in particular which they hope to use in their attempt to increase their competitive advantage in the gaming industry.

With a giant gaming company like Ubisoft taking this trajectory, it appears that the gaming industry may be set for the blockchain course.

Cross Border Payments Become an Extra Step Easier

One of the glories of cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, blockchain, is the ability to send and receive funds at the speed of a bolt to/from anyone anywhere in the world. But, what if you woke up one morning to find that this process has been even further simplified. Now you should be asking, how easier can it get?

Payment services giant, Visa, has started a cross-border payment network built out of some aspects of blockchain technology. This service would enable financial companies to carry out cross-border transactions at record speed.

Crypterium Card

How would you feel if you could access your cryptocurrency funds and pay for things wherever you are in the world?

An Estonian technology services start-up, Crypterium, has launched a card that allows you to do just that. This is the first crypto card that is available everywhere in the world.

Twitter Founder and Cryptocurrencies

Twitter Founder, Jack Dorsey provided more information on the cryptocurrency team he is setting up to improve the cryptocurrency sector of Square, a payment services company he is also a founder of. The aim of this digital currency would be to facilitate internet payments by eliminating frictions.


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