Crypto For The Culture: A Hard Reset for Quidax

The aim of our product is really simple: to help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily. And we understand that the way you feel when you see and use our products affects how you feel about cryptocurrencies generally. So we decided that it was absolutely worth it to redesign our brand, to show you how awesome crypto could feel. Here’s the story of how that went:

The Beginning

About 6 months ago, we started working on a stunning new look, vibe, and feel for Quidax. The theme we’ve gone with is “Crypto For The Culture”, a bold update to our former look (pictured below).

Since our first app design, Quidax has grown from a few family and friends as customers to almost 400,000 amazing people registered on our platform. As we grew, it was time to spice things up the Quidax way – A way for people to identify with us and a new crypto culture that promotes ease, fun, and good vibes.

But more than that, we needed a way to pass across our driving message and goals as a company – or as Buchi Okoro, Chief Executive Officer at Quidax puts it, to “amplify and accelerate our mission of giving and receiving value.” And that’s where design comes in. 

The Result

Apart from redesigning our brand look and the experience you get, we also took our entire design system back to the drawing board. The focus was on how to scale the simple concepts we had to fit in with marketing, product, advertising and all other areas of interest.

As far as the redesign, instead of a complete change, we used the old look as a foundation. “The Quidax identity builds on what was already strong – key elements like our main colour palette of purple and our logo,” explains David Udoh, Senior Brand Designer at Quidax. This way, it will still feel familiar to anyone who already loves the brand.

Our new design picks up on the strong and positive bond we already have with purple. We’ve also chosen a set of unique secondary colours that help us highlight our beloved purple while letting us embrace an expressive feel.

The process was a long and rewarding collaboration between multiple teams both internally and externally. We can’t wait to share how the design concept and experience came to life in our in-depth case study. Look out for that later this year. 

Bonus: We Made a Bunch of Cool Filters Too!!!!

As part of our rollout, we created exciting AR filters for Snapchat and Instagram. We also created some really cool wallpapers and can’t wait to share them with you. The bottom line is that we have so many exciting things to show you over the next few weeks. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy ?.

P.S: Don’t forget to share your filter selfies and stories with us. Let us know what you think about our new look on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (@quidaxglobal on all platforms) ?.
We also changed our Twitter handle to @QuidaxGlobal It used to be QuidaxAfrica.

Made for you, by us, it’s Crypto for the Culture ?


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