Check Out USD Withdrawals On Quidax

A couple of months ago, we dropped USD savings, and since then, we’ve seen a lot of customers use it to earn passive income and stay ahead of the exchange rate. But we understand that for a lot of people, being able to withdraw their savings and funds in their USD wallet directly to their domiciliary accounts makes life easier.

So we’re really excited to announce that you can now withdraw USD straight to your domiciliary account on Quidax 🎉🎉. 

How to Withdraw USD on Quidax 

  • Go to your USD wallet
  • Click on withdraw
  • Choose withdraw to USD Dom. account
  • Enter our domiciliary account details and follow the prompts to withdraw easily

Please not that you must be on the advanced KYC level to use the USD withdrawal feature. 

  1. Open your Quidax app and click on ‘more’ at the bottom-right corner of the screen 
  1. Next, click on ‘KYC’, then ‘advanced’
  1. Upload a utility bill orbank statement that shows your proof of address

How to Complete Your Advanced KYC


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