Bitcoin 15th Anniversary Draw: #1.5 Million+ & An iPhone15 Up For Grabs!

Quidaxians, we’ve got a new one 🔥. Are you looking for an opportunity to win some cash or the brand new iPhone 15? Then gather around. 

Tuesday, October 31st marked the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper 🎂. To celebrate this, we’re giving out over #1.5 million and….. an iPhone 15! 🤯

Introducing the Quidax Bitcoin Anniversary Draw! 🎉🎉🎉

Starting from Thursday, November 2nd, we’ll be having two special raffles and rewarding Qidaxians with awesome prizes 🎁. The raffles will run until November 9th, and there is a lot to be won here, so gather around to see how you can win. 

How the Anniversary Draws Work 

So for this edition, we’ll be having two separate raffles:

  • A daily raffle, where we’ll be giving out #50,000 each to 5 lucky Quidaxians EVERY DAY 🤑. So, that’s #250,000 daily for 7 days. 
  • A Mega Raffle at the end of the week, where one lucky Quidaxian gets a brand new iPhone 15! 📱

How To Win

Daily Draw 

  • To win, all you have to do is trade $1 or more worth of Bitcoin (BTC)  to get into the daily draw ✅
  • Whenever you trade $1 worth of BTC, you get one ticket to the draw 🎫
  • You can get up to 1,000 tickets daily – so, the more you trade, the higher your chances. 

Every day of the week, we’ll be giving out #250,000 to five Quidaxians! 💰

Winners will be announced and rewarded daily, so remember to follow us on social media and join our Telegram group to get fresh updates!

Mega Draw

  • At the end of the week, the Mega Raffle will take place ⏰. 
  • EVERYONE who’s traded at least $100 worth of Bitcoin between November 2nd and November 9th will  automatically enter into this draw ✨.  
  • At the end of the week, ONE LUCKY WINNER will get a brand new iPhone 15 🚀. 

So, it’s simple; the more Bitcoin you trade, the higher your chances of winning! 

Terms and Conditions Apply

View the Draw on Your Quidax App Home Screen

Winners List

November 2nd -3rd Draw

  1. Qodunayaazeez
  2. Qqqqprinces
  3. Qtreign
  4. Qsabastineking
  5. Qiamsahm

November 3rd – 4th Draw

  1. Qrichm
  2. Qcush
  3. Qkessie
  4. Qtochukwucaleb
  5. Qromson

November 4th- 5th Draw

  1. Qjambitte
  2. Qleke1
  3. Qgodspwer1488
  4. Qcelestn
  5. Qqomolola55

November 5th – 6th Draw

  1. Qmclaids
  2. Qkingsfund
  3. Qugopossibility
  4. Qneyoo
  5. Qsunrays

November 6th – 7th Draw

  1. Qyussala
  2. Qkvngjeed
  3. Qqbenrays
  4. Qkamrash
  5. Qmasterg222

November 7th – 8th Draw

  1. Qyunqb
  2. Qwaldorf081
  3. Qchibzypearl
  4. Qmartech
  5. Qijobalite

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