Best Books to read on Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain in 2022

“Our ancestors said, ‘This is as good as written in stone.” Our grandchildren will say, “It is as good as written on the blockchain.’”

Andreas Antonopoulos
Author The Internet of Money (Volume 2)

Best Books On Cryptocurrency

This article contains our recommended reading list for those that are passionate about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, all nine books on our list were written by thought leaders, pioneers, and enthusiasts in Blockchain. Think of reading these books as equating to getting a mini degree in cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

1. Melanie Swan: Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy

Melanie Swan gives an in-depth perspective on the functionalities of blockchain. Melanie is the CEO & founder of the Institute for Blockchain studies. Her book reaches far beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to explain how blockchain could bring about big changes on the same level as the invention of the internet, PCs, and mobile/social networking. The book makes an argument for the use of blockchain in transforming data and service provision.

2. Andreas M. Antonopolous: The Internet of Money

The author is a notable blockchain expert and advocate. His book, the internet of money does a particularly terrific job of answering pertinent questions about Bitcoin and how it has brought on a revolution of sort. One central theme that can be gotten from this book is that Blockchain is essentially shifting the way we solve all kinds of problems, due to its decentralized nature.

3. Andreas M. Antonopolous, “Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies

We have earlier introduced Andreas Antonopolous and now we are recommending another one of his books. This book read side by side with The Internet of Money is a good gateway for beginners to understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Although Antonopolous addresses Bitcoin alone, it is still one of the best books on cryptocurrency as a whole. This is because Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and its code is the prototype used on all the later ones.

4. Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar, “Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond

This book is an excellent guide to learning about blockchain technology. It gives an expansive overview of the state of digital assets and is advised if you want an in-depth understanding of the world of digital currencies. The book expands on already existing ideas with language that beginners can understand.

5. Nathaniel Popper, “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money”

This work is considered one of the first blockchain investment books to read before going further into the study of the blockchain. His piquant way of writing is easy to understand and articulately explains how and why Bitcoin and the blockchain industry is revolutionalizing our idea of money.

6. Don Tapscott: Blockchain Revolution

This is one of the best publications on how Bitcoin will change our idea of money, enterprise, and the world as we know it. The authors Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott are father and son, in a way this helps to tell a great story of old and current ideas of money. It also explores many use cases of blockchain technology across different sectors.

7. Nik Patel: An Altcoin’s Trader’s Handbook

This book outlines Nik’s five years of experience as an Altcoin trader and his efforts in putting together an extensive strategy for profitable altcoin trading. It begins by telling a story of the author’s personal life. In the second part, it talks about practical trading strategies, basic and technical assessment, and shows elaborate charts and notes on the subject. This comprehensively written book will benefit you if you are interested in Altcoins.

8. Paul Vigna and Michael Casey, “The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order”

This book delves into the technical and ideological origin of crypto from the viewpoint of journalists in the finance sector. Casey and his coauthor, Vigna, deconstruct the inception and purpose of cryptocurrencies, in this piece of literature that reads like a guide to surviving the blockchain revolution.

9. Saifedean Ammous, “The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

The book is often recommended by experts in the field as one of the best Blockchain investment books to read. It summaries the annals of engineering behind the concept of money, beginning from primitive shells to present-day government debt. His approach to explaining Bitcoin is practical and visceral.

Anyone of the listed books should give you reasonable insight into blockchain and cryptocurrency, but reading all seven is sure to broaden your perspective and set you on your way to being an expert in the field.


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