Balling On A Budget: Hacks For Living Your Best Life In December

Happy holidays, people! 🥳

December is officially here, and we’re pretty sure you’re getting into the holiday spirit 🎄. 

If there’s one thing that’s always constant in December, it’s the urge to spend 💰. You’ve got to buy gifts for your friends and family, you’ve got shows to attend, and there’s just so much more to spend on 😮‍💨. 

But, with all of this, there are also a few things you need to keep in mind: 

  • After every Detty December, there’s a Dry January lurking by 👀. And if you know anything about January, the month always seems so long!
  • A lot of people  tend to struggle financially in January after spending so much the previous December.  

We’ve come up with a few simple tips to help you avoid this vicious cycle 🙅‍♂️. And, it all starts with making the right money moves from now. 

First And Foremost, Don’t Spend It All 

We all know that there’s a lot of stuff to spend money on in December 😉. Still, it’s possible that many of us have prepared for this:

  • Most people working 9-5 jobs probably get paid salaries early this month – plus, additional perks like bonuses and stuff 💰. 
  • For freelancers and those who don’t have formal jobs, you might have money for December saved already 🤑. 

The urge to spend can be high, but it’s also important to be very responsible at this period. Fortunately, you have the perfect partner in Quidax 💜. Our Dollar Savings product allows you to easily set some of that money aside and keep it safely until you need it ✨. 

All you have to do is open a flexible savings plan and keep your money in there 🤌. You get to protect it from inflation by saving in Dollars, and you also earn interest on the money saved. 

You can get started with the Dollar savings plan by clicking the link below.

Button: Open a Dollar Savings plan 💰

Look For Deals When Shopping 

December is synonymous with gifts and expenses 😮‍💨. But, another thing that’s common about this season is that a lot of retailers will be looking to give deals and discounts on items. So, if you’re looking to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones, it’s always a good idea to look for these deals 💯. 

Here are a few tips that can help: 

  • Check out store websites and look for deal sections where you can get discounts 🛒.
  • You can make use of “buy now, pay later” services to spread payments, so the financial burden isn’t so much ✌️.
  • Also, look out for coupon websites where you can find coupons for discounts at major retailers 🎫. 

The more deals and discounts you can get, the easier it is to meet your obligations this month and still have enough money saved. 

It’s Always A Good Idea To Ball In A Group 

We understand that it’s almost impossible to not spend money this month. There’s just so many shows and events to attend 💃🕺. But, one hack that always works is to go out in groups. 

Think about it – if you go out on your own, you end up having to bear the entire cost by yourself 😄. But, if you’re in a group, you and your friends can pool money together and share the financial load amongst yourselves. 

One person pays for a ride, another person pays for drinks, and everyone shares the bill for food 🫂. You guys are able to handle every bill, and you still have a little money left at the end of the day. Plus, you’re having fun with your friends – what’s better than that? 

So, if you’ve got somewhere to go this holiday season, hit up a few of your friends and go together. Everyone’s going to have a blast! 🥂


Now that December is here, everyone’s spending a lot of money – and rightfully so; it’s the holidays, after all. But, it’s also important to be very responsible this month – the last thing you want is to suffer the effects of Dry January. 

Remember not to spend all your money, and to keep a portion of it for January’s rainy days. A flexible savings plan on Quidax allows you to protect your money, and you also get to earn interest on top of it!


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