Attention, Quidaxians! The Super Trader Challenge Is Back

Gather around, people! We’ve got a special announcement 👀. 


We had so much fun in the first two editions of the Challenge that we just had to bring it back. And now, it’s even BIGGER & BETTER! 💥 From September 11th to September 25th, all traders on Quidax get to compete for a chance to win out of our $10,000 prize pool! 💰

What Has Changed? 

Well, the main goal here remains the same – we’re dividing our Quidaxians into Leagues, and the top traders from each League will get to win from our prize pool. 

But, there are some major changes you might want to know about: 

More Time To Trade

The first two editions of the Super Trader Challenge ran for one week each. But, this time, we’re expanding it 😋. 

Challenge 3.0 will run for two weeks straight, so everyone will have enough time to trade and compete. This means that it’ll start on Monday, September 11th and end on Monday, September 25th ⏰. 

Remember – we’ll be sharing leaderboards for everyone, so you can track the top traders in your League and know where you stand. 

More Money To Be Won

Since we’re extending the time, we also decided to bring in more money for Challenge 3.0. So, instead of sharing between a $5,000 prize pool, we’re expanding that to $10,000 🤑

This means more money to be shared between our top traders – and even more reasons to trade and participate! 

Expanding The Leagues 

For Challenge 3.0, we’re also introducing an additional League – the Silver League. So, for this edition, we have four (4) Leagues in total: 

  • The Diamond League 💎
  • The Platinum League ✨ 
  • The Gold League 🔱
  • The Silver League 🪙

Everyone will get an email on September 11th (Today) reminding them of their Leagues. Each League includes traders with similar trading activity on Quidax, so that everyone can compete fairly. 

Terms and conditions apply 👀

How to Trade on Quidax: 

You can trade on Quidax in these simple steps: 

  • Sign into your Quidax account on the Quidax website or mobile app (Android/iOS) 
  • Click on Instant Buy & Sell, and choose any coin
  • Enter the amount of the coin you want to buy 
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Boom!  You’re good to go!

We’re Always Here For You! If you need any help, please reach out to our Customer Service superheroes via [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the challenge start and end? 

The challenge will run from 12:01 AM (WAT) on September 11th to 11:59 PM (WAT) on September 25th 

2. How much will each person win?

This depends on your league and rank on the leaderboard. The more you trade, the more you’ll win. Please see the terms for the full distribution.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is professional and/or financial advice. Evaluate all information properly before making decisions.


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