Are You One of the BTC/USDT Championship Winners?

The past few weeks have been crazy and we’ve been worried about you. We hope you have been staying safe this period ?. 

On the 28th of September, we started one of our most exciting competitions yet. We promised up to 1.5 million in total for our highest traders.

You thought we forgot? No way!

Because of recent events, we’ve been lowkey with the Bitcoin to USDT (BTC/USDT) trading championship. But it went down hard and finally, we have our list of winners. ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

So, without wasting any more time, our winners for the BTC/USDT Championship are: 

Position Name Username Prize
1st Place Adebayo Ibrahim Qqlink2bayo ₦500,000.00
2nd Place Agha Nnamdi Qbronnamdi ₦300,000.00
3rd Place Adekola Adeosun Qqadelat ₦100,000.00
4th Place Yevala Fongang Qeddy ₦50,000.00
5th Place Afe Jolayemi Qholyelectron ₦50,000.00
6th Place Afolabi Akinyanmodi Qakinafoo ₦50,000.00
7th Place Babalola Ademola Qsirdemoo ₦50,000.00
8th Place Olele Jude Qjudex2020 ₦50,000.00
9th Place Asogwa Raymond Qwisemedia ₦50,000.00
10th Place Imobekhai Festus Qfestybee ₦50,000.00

Congrats to everyone who won!! When you’re big, you’re big?

And to those who traded but didn’t win, we see you ?. We have exciting competitions coming soon so just keep doing what you do. We move ?.

We’ll be reaching out to our winners via email and other channels to pay out their prizes soon. 
Thanks to everyone who participated. Don’t tell anyone, but you almost finished our system with your trades?. See you at the next one!


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