A TRON of Surprises on Your DASHboard!

We’ve been keeping a secret from you but it’s tickling us so we can’t keep quiet anymore?.  It involves Tron and Dash, plus a couple more.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on something you’ll love. You’ve asked for it and since you have our mumu button ?, here it is:


You can now buy, sell, send and receive Tron and Dash on Quidax! And the best part is that you can buy directly from your bank account in Naira ??.

What this means for you, our able billionaires in the making

Tron is becoming more popular every day. There’s gist that it might be the next bus-stop for decentralised apps. You can’t carry last oh. Not on our watch ?.

Dash is also making exciting moves, including plans to become the biggest cloud storage platform! You know what this could mean for its holders ??. 

So yeah, we’ve got you covered. You can head to Quidax and trade both currencies. Exactly like you’ve been doing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other cryptos.

Play with Our Order Book on the Mobile App

The order book exchange is now also available on the Quidax mobile app. You can trade 7 different cryptocurrencies easily. So if you’ve been looking for how to practice those ninja trading moves from our crypto training sessions, now’s a good time.

Export your crypto transaction history in 30 seconds or less

You can now export your crypto transaction history using the Quidax website. Just sign into your account and click your Qusername. Under transaction history, click on “Download History” and you’re all set. 


As you probably already know, Bitcoin as we know it, is 12 years old tomorrow. They grow up so fast ?. So accept this new listing as one of our many gifts to you ?. Look out for other amazing gifts throughout next week. You know how we do. 


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