5 Things to Know About QDX Token

If you’ve followed us recently, you’ll know what we’re about – QDX token, baby! ???

Our native token, QDX, launched in May 2021 on Julpad, and we sold out! 

For those of you who might not know much about QDX, we’ve decided to open up a bit more on what you stand to gain from it in the future.

What is QDX Token?

QDX is the native ecosystem token for Quidax. We created it to improve your user experience, and you can benefit a lot from holding it. 

So below are five of the most important things you should know about QDX. 

QDX = CeFi + DeFi

We created QDX token in line with our goal to be the home of BEP-20 tokens. If you’re not sure about what BEP-20 tokens are, we’ve got you covered as always – there’s a fun little explainer you can go through. Thank us later ?

QDX offers a lot of benefits to our customers. 

  • You can use it to access loans and savings on Quidax.
  • DeFi fans can also use the token for staking. “What is DeFi,” you ask? Well, we’ve got an explainer post on that too! Wow, it’s almost like we could read your mind or something. ?
  • Lastly, QDX token also allows you to vote on some of the exciting features we’ve got on the way. We won’t drop any spoilers yet ??, but these features will be pretty cool. You want to have a say on whether we bring them to Quidax or not, and QDX is how you make your opinion known. 

How cool is that? 

QDX Token Can Help You Earn Free Crypto 

You know we’re all about the vibes and money on Quidax. So, we also created QDX to help our customers earn some more money. 

The best way to let your QDX token work for you is through staking. In the coming weeks, we’ll launch the QDX Vault – a staking service that allows you to lock your money for a specified period. Like a regular vault, the QDX Vault lets you lock your cryptos for a while. The difference here is that you will be able to earn free tokens from airdrops and other rewards using the QDX Vault. 

You Can Use QDX for Payments and Voting

QDX opens you to a world of opportunities. Some of the most exciting include: 

  • Payments: You can use QDX to pay for trading fees on Quidax. Even better, you can get discounts for paying with QDX. Yeah, we’re generous like that! ?
  • Governance: Vote on some of the updates we’ve got on the way….. And trust us, we’ve got tons coming! ?
  • Financial products: Access savings and loans features on Quidax with ease ?
  • Staking: DeFi fans can stake QDX token on Quidax and earn juicy rewards

500 Million QDX Tokens Were Created 

One of our major goals was to maintain the value of our token. So, our math guys (hail the math guys, by the way! ?) came up with the perfect number of QDX tokens: 500 million. 

3% (15 million QDX) of all the tokens were sold at the private sale, and another 12% went out during the public sale. Remember that both were sold out in a few hours. So, if you’re trying to get your hands on some QDX, now is the perfect time. 

QDX is Available to Buy on JulSwap and Quidax Exchange 

We already had the QDX public sale – and we sold out!!!!! ???. If you missed it, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. QDX is now available on Quidax, and our customers can easily find it for sale. If you’ve made it here, you should know the gist of the matter – QDX is here, and you need to buy it. Thankfully, buying QDX is as easy as a snap. You can buy QDX on JulSwap and on Quidax, and we have an explainer article that takes you through the steps. 


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