5 Amazing Women Tell Their Crypto Stories: IWD Edition

This year, the theme for international women’s day was breaking the bias!! Sidenote: did you see all the amazing women on social media doing the bad*ss pose ?. Okay, back to why we’re here. Let’s face it, there aren’t enough women in crypto. So to encourage more women to join us in this exciting field, 5 women in our community have told us their crypto stories. Check them out below:  

Sylvia, the Skin Queen 

I was trying to make money online during the covid-19 lock down in 2020. I just wanted money to order some skincare products and keep my skin popping during the lockdown ??. Then I found out about crypto and got some Ethereum. The rest is history. 

My first trade was easy because I did a whole lot of research. But I didn’t really understand the part about taking profit, so I kept on holding and almost lost all my profit ?. Good times though

I think most women prefer not to trade because they are scared of the volatility and all but am sure with time it will get better. If you’re a woman who wants to get into crypto, my advice is to learn, research, trust your instincts, and join a good community.

Chiamaka, the Vibrant Writer

I got a crypto writing job in 2019 and I was really fascinated by what I learnt. Before then, i heard that crypto was a scam, used for fraud and even demonic activities ??. Fallacy of the highest order!!?

My first trade was a sweet, sweet experience! I got paid 15,000 Naira as half of my first salary. Then I used part of it to buy Bitcoin on Quidax. So when I call Quidax my first crypto love, you now know what I am talking about ?. I’m not even joking, any new partner that’s not supportive of crypto won’t last with me ? 

Because of my work, I’ve experienced more with crypto – both good and bad.

In every 10 traders, you will find 2 women. The rest are male. The gap is still so wide…. but we will cover up eventually. Hey Sis! If you want to get started with crypto, do it! Gather the knowledge and start small. There are so many resources to use including the Quidax Academy.  

Don’t let nobody tell you what you can do and not do.

Treasure, the Smart Sister

I discovered Cryptocurrency through my brother. He’s the savvy one when it comes to these internet money ways and I didn’t have a choice but to follow in his footsteps. He always told me that trading is not for the weak. I consider myself a strong person so I told him I can handle it. 

My first trade was simple. I bought Tron around late 2020 because it was the cheapest coin on Quidax. My first trade surged over 500% into the following year, and I couldn’t be more grateful to my brother whom I got this passion from. Even my boyfriend was introduced to crypto by my brother too…?. 

It saddens me that fellow women are really missing out on this crypto money ?. I think that women who want to join the crypto space should join a reliable community to learn the basics of trading. Personally, I’m very familiar with the Quidax blog, and I wait for the newsletter in my email every week. I’m also in the Quidax Telegram community too.

I enjoy the vibe and discipline that cryptocurrency naturally gives during the moons and dips so it’s been a rough but worthy ride.

Mfon, the Silent Investor

I discovered Cryptocurrency when I did an online investment that demanded the use of bitcoin as its payment format. I heard it was a ponzi scheme but that was a myth. 

I’m more of a long-term investor than a trader ?. So far it’s been good but sometimes, not too good. I’m also lucky to have a partner who understands what I do but doesn’t get involved. 

Sadly, only about 10% of women I know trade crypto compared to men. My advice to any woman joining the space is to use their spare money. Also have a strong mind and read more about each coin you want to trade or invest in.

Lilian, the Thrill Seeker

I first heard about crypto through a friend, then I did my own research. Before I started, I actually heard that trading is only for men and women can’t be good traders because we’re controlled by emotions ??. Happy to prove anyone wrong.

My first trade was simple but I lost some money so…  ?. I love the thrill. I love the economics of it all. Buying, selling, demand and supply. I love how easy making money by trading is; just a little turn or tweak in the market and I become richer than I was seconds before. I’m awed at how easy losing a lot of money is too. It’s a tough, bittersweet, roller coaster ride but I’m staying till the wheel fall off, baby! 

For any woman joining crypto, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time to study and understand the processes, the market, and it takes time to build your portfolio. Everyone can learn  how to be good at any venture they’re interested in. The more you practice, the better you become and the higher and more calculated risks you can take. So start as a side-hustle or a hobby. Don’t jump in with both feet until you’re absolutely sure that trading is the path for you.


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